Dolceta - um programa de formação da Comissão Europeia sobre educação alimentar

O Programa DOLCETA tem por finalidade e tema central a educação alimentar nas escolas e nos quadros de aprendizagem frequentados por jovens e adultos.
Trata-se de um Programa de Formação a distância que já se encontra disponível na web.
O teste do Módulo 8, recentemente elaborado, está a ser realizado nos 27 países da União.
Procuro professores que aceitem realizar um teste deste novo módulo e que avaliem os resultados de uma experiência de aplicação.

Dear Mr. Ribeiro,

as EAEA member, you know from our activity reports, that EAEA is actively involved in an  online education project on consumer education called
DOLCETA is a web-based consumer education developed by the European Commission in co-operation with the higher education world and it is targeted at trainers, teachers and other multipliers as well as the"informed" consumers.

DOLCETA modules are available for all 27 EU countries in all official EU languages on www.dolceta.eu and the first four modules tackle the following themes: Basic consumer rights, Financial services, Financial literacy, Product Safety, Module especially designed for Teachers and
Trainers, Sustainable Consumption and Services of General Interest.

The project has now been expanded to cover the area of "Food safety" and before publishing all the units we have planned a testing phase in all countries. Therefore we are looking for evaluation and testing partners for this new module also in Portugal. Concerning that, we would like to ask if you and/or your school would be interested in conducting an evaluation/testing of the new module and would support us with your great expertise.

The module is not published officially yet, you can already have a look at the new module at:

This Module "Food safety" is developed not for information only but also for the application in courses/training, therefore we would be very interested to receive feedback concerning the pedagogical usability and its applicability in a course. Furthermore a user point of view concerning
the language, layout etc are of high interest for us.