Conferência de Tallinn: cooperação entre a InfoNet e a LLinE

Realizou-se a Conferência Anual da Rede Infonet, em Tallinn na Estónia. Tema central da Conferências: cooperação permanente da Rede Infonet com a Revista Europeia LLinE.
A Conferências serviu ainda para acolher os novos correspondentes de vários países europeus recentemente chegados à Infonet.
Michael Sommer noticiou:
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Michael Sommer   | 23.04.2013 European Affairs News items [en]
InfoNet 2013
The online magazine "Lifelong Learning in Europe" (LLinE) and the information network on adult education in Europe "European InfoNet Adult Education" have agreed to cooperate closely with each other and will publish an English European online magazine together in the future. The network members made the decision to collaborate during the InfoNet network annual meeting in Tallinn (Estonia).
The Catholic Federal Association for Adult Education (KBE, Bonn) is responsible for InfoNet which has approx. 30 correspondents in almost all European countries who report regularly on developments, projects and backgrounds of adult education. The new cooperation agreement was concluded with the Finnish publishing house KVS which publishes the established magazine LLinE (www.lline.fi) which has been released as an online magazine since the start of the year. According to the agreement, a joint edition will be made in a test phase of one year. The quarterly magazine will be produced in Finland and InfoNet will prepare the current reports from the different countries. KBE Chair Andrea Hoffmeier sees this step as "a great opportunity to release a high quality product that consolidates existing efforts and skills, is based on the experience of many skilled partners throughout the whole of Europe and is published everywhere in Europe."