Encontro de aprendentes realiza-se em Outubro em França

A Rede EUR-ALPHA que agora conta com a participação directa na parceria da ACI Associação Centro Interculturacidade vai realizar mais um encontro europeu, no caso, uma sessão colectiva de aprendentes cujo contornos foram divulgados pela EAEA - Associação Europeia para a Educação de Adultos nos seguintes termos:
A participação é organizada pelo Centro Interculturacidade que vai contar com a Rede ANIMAR para apoio na divulgação.

The Eur-Alpha network aims to support and develop best quality practices in adult literacy and numeracy in Europe. It was founded in 2009 and currently counts 16 full members coming from 12 different countries.
  • Eur-Alpha works with the trainers to develop and exchange educational practices facilitating learners´ self-determination, citizenship and participation.
    • Through a scientific Committee that collect, develop and disseminate practices meeting those goals of self-determination, voicing of opinion and participation of the learners;
    • Through workshops where the trainers meet each other and test pedagogical practices.
  • Eur-Alpha works with the learners to support their voicing of opinions and participation.
    • Through a scientific Committee where they think about their needs, their claims and write a Charter for literacy;
    • Through workshops where they meet, exchange experience and think about their role of citizens at the national and European levels.

WHY COME TO THE WORKSHOP? "Literacy and Numeracy: Examples of good practices for learners´ self-determination"- Mâcon, France.

The second trainers workshop will be held in Mâcon (France) from 24 till 28 October 2011. Organised by AEFTI (a French partner in Eur-Alpha), this workshop aims at selecting, testing, trying out and discovering pedagogical practices facilitating the learners´ self-determination.

After the traditional ice-breaker activities, pedagogical session, most of them proposed by Eur-Alpha members, will show the emancipating scope of certain practices. The evenings will be devoted to more relaxing and informal activities such as an improvisational theatre session about the trainers´ posture and attitude.
The evenings are also meant to be spaces of exchanges where the trainers will have the opportunity to present to their European colleagues a pedagogical practice they consider emancipatory.

In the middle of the week, a visit to the Cluny Abbey, an unmissable place to visit in Burgundy, will allow us to take some fresh air as well as to think about different aspects of a cultural visit with learners in literacy.

Original approaches, speakers from different European countries and spaces of exchange are at the centre of this workshop that promises to be very rich. The detailed program and the application form are available on http://www.eur-alpha.eu/spip.php?article89.

Pre-registration should be made as soon as possible toperrinemichaudet@orange.fr
To receive a Grundtvig grant, application must be made before April 29th to your national agency.